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November 21st, 2014

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The One Thing That Will Improve Your Online Presence

The Panda 4.0 Google algorithm has been programmed to handle conversational and long-tail search queries so it would help if you use long-tail keywords in your content. Longer keywords and phrases are more targeted and reveal the specific topic that the user is searching for.
If you don’t know what specific keywords to use, there are tools available that can help you like Google Analytics.

Google Analytics will help you find the most relevant keywords for your business that can drive the most traffic to your website. It will give you a list of keywords that can drive traffic to your website. In addition to finding relevant and highly-searched keywords, Google Analytics can also help you monitor your site’s performance and the details regarding traffic origins like when, how and where your site receives traffic. It would also help if you will monitor the target keywords you have chosen. You can do this using the AWR Cloud tool where you can get updates daily or weekly.

Going hand in hand with finding the right keywords for your site is the time it would take for your site to load. Speed really matters. Remember that most people who search for something in the internet are time-conscious and don’t have the patience to wait for websites that don’t
easily load.

The practice of improving your site’s ranking is better known as SEO. For a franchised business, you can take advantage of the strong domain authority and add valuable content to the site. For additional help, SplitCast Media offers a proven seo for franchisees solution that will help jump start your ranking

Even if you rank high in the search results but your site loads in a slow-moving pace, you would surely slide down to the last pages. Google penalizes sites that are slow-moving, citing that these sites are not offering an adequate user experience. Searchers who are more particular on speed are those who are using mobile devices like cellphones and tablets.

Based on studies, mobile users are less patient. They will wait for around 10 seconds and will abandon a page if it doesn’t load quickly.To know if your page loads quickly, use the Google page speed tool. If your score is 85 and above, you are safe. You are assured that Google won’t reduce your search ranking.

seo for franchisees


However, if your score is below 85, do something to make the loading faster. Check for images and videos. These might be the reason why the page won’t load quickly. Compress the images and remove unnecessary graphics or information. If the videos can’t be removed, at least reduce its size but make sure it can still be viewed.

Keyword ranking and the other three strategies – Business directory listing, Reputation management and Social media engagement — are extremely important if you want to improve the online presence of your business and consequently increase your customer base.

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